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Meet the dynamic duo, Ottavio and Dario...but what do you think, brothers or twins?  You decide!


These two are bursting with lots of energy and enthusiasm and are determined to make a difference!


As previous primary school support workers, they noticed the damaging impacts the lockdown was having upon their classes wellbeing. This lead to the creation of Tanzii TV, their popular YouTube channel which shone positivity and good vibes in a dark time through posting fun fitness videos.


Now on a mission to make mindfulness and movement an essential part of the day, Tanzii TV combines their energetic in-person delivery with their quirky and silly fun fitness and mindfulness videos to get as many children moving as possible.


Ottavio and Dario's delivery has been celebrated, and they have worked with many different organisations, including ukactive, Nike and Barnardo's. 


The duo are available for workshops, motivational fitness breaks and parties.

Made Simple

No PE kit or preparation required!


Used during any part of the day to enhance learning, Tanzii TV creates the perfect opportunity to get your class and child active. Whether that's in the morning, during a mid-lesson brain break or to burn off any excess energy after lunch or break time.

Simply log in and choose from a range of different categories and videos, then click play!

Unique Animations and Graphics

Get kids moving without even realising!

Through bright colours, music and custom animations and
graphics, Tanzii TV's video game style workouts gets everyone

Celebrations and Events

Videos and focus upon the latest seasonal specials and celebratory events,from Christmas and Easter to Children's Mental Health Awareness Week and World Book Day... it's all covered!


Schools benefit from optional termly meetings that fits within schedules. This is to monitor and gather feedback while having access to 24/7 support via email or phone.

Got a fun video idea your class would love?

No problem, let us know and we can look to incorporate this
into our content in the most fun fitness way!

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Created For Schools

All videos are designed and delivered with school appropriateness and education in mind, focusing upon active learning, with resources being differentiated by age and ability.

Designed for projection onto whiteboards or screens, this cross curricular resources is a fun way to stay active and learn at the same time.


Short bursts of movement throughout the school day provides many benefits for each and every


Alarmingly, over the last academic year, enjoyment in taking part in sport & exercise has dropped

significantly amongst primary school children.

Tanzii TV is a firm believer that FUN and quick re-energising brain breaks throughout the school day

will support and improve pupil's academic performance and behaviour.

Try it for yourself, you won't look back!