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A happier, healthier and more active school

NOW MORE THAN EVER exercise and movement is vital for children. Research from Sport England reveals that over half of school children don’t achieve 60 active minutes per day. A bit of fun movement goes a long way and increasing more opportunities to stay active throughout the day is essential in reducing sedentary behaviours and boosting wellbeing.

Perfect for school and at home

Your school needs a SIMPLE and accessible way to boost those important activity levels whilst fitting within daily routines. The Tanzii TV website is packed with short, high-energy workouts that fit around schedules and appeal to children from Preschool to Year 6. Whether its first thing in the morning, a mid-lesson brain break or even enjoyed at home, all you’ll need is access to a screen and a little space!

Make fitness fun and boost productivity

Research highlights the immense impact exercise and movement can have upon on mood, energy and classroom learning. Tanzii TV is all about making fitness fun and accessible, so your school can stay motivated and inspired to embed physical activity into daily routines that is SUSTAINABLE. Kickstart Tanzii TV with a high-energy in-person workshop and then continue this active movement online by choosing from a range of new exercise workouts, routines and themes every month, with weekly #TanziiTuesdays workouts for your school to enjoy. 

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