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Keeping kids fit in the most fun way!

Enjoyed by over 1 million children, teachers and parents across the globe.

Monthly 2 - 5 minute fun fitness videos.


Boost activity and enhance learning across classrooms and homes!

Get ready to move!

South Cambs School Sport Partnership I can't wait to introduce their videos into more scho

Tanzii TV offers Primary Schools and parents quick 2 -5 minute videos that are high in energy and super FUN! Through individual logins, our website is the perfect resource for all routines!

Generate discussions and strengthen classroom bonds while staying up to date with the latest events, our videos can be used:


  • As a reward during the day or in assemblies.

  • To burn off excess energy and refocus the classroom. 

  • Re-energise before and after break as well as in morning!

  • To compliment cross curriculum learning and develop knowledge outside of children's locality!

Through engaging graphics, exercises, colours and themes, Tanzii TV helps children become more active every day in a super fun way!

Videos can be played on any screen, ideal for Reception - Year 6.

Access your 14-day free trial today!

How does it work?

What's Included?

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"Excellent at engaging our children & getting them moving. Wouldn't hesitate recommending  to other schools wanting to refresh their extra-curricular activities."

Ben Yates
Monkfield Park Primary School
"Simple and very easy to use. The videos are excellent, and Tanzii TV even gets my reluctant children joining in and having fun!"

Nelson Lima
Thorpe Primary School
"I can't wait to introduce their videos into more schools to get more children moving and achieving their 60mins a day of physical activity."  

Claire McDonnell
South Cambs School Sport Partnership

Meet Ottavio & Dario...

Brothers or twins? Who knows!

During their role as primary school workers, the lockdown exposed the damaging impacts upon their classes wellbeing. 

Shining some positivity and determined to make a difference, the duo created their YouTube channel, Tanzii TV, which supported children all over the world to get active!

Bursting with lots of energy and enthusiasm, Tanzii TV is on a mission to reach and inspire as many children as possible to show how FUN exercising can be! 

All while helping children achieve their 60 active minutes per day.

Contact Tanzii TV Today!

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